Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Newest March Additions to Edenfantasys.com

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store Please note that following post contains material that is for adults only. If you are sensitive to adult material or underage, please do not continue reading. This post is also sponsored by Edenfantasys but in content, is 100% original and uncensored.

Edenfantasys has a constant stream of new products being added to the storefront on a regular basis, so I am going to share four of this week's newest additions, including products that I find interesting, that I have added to my wish lists, or that I am planning on buying RIGHT this instant!

Javida Single Ball: This tapered love ball looks both comfortable and sexy! I love Kegel exercisers (as you know lol) and this new one apparently has extra pleasure stimulators with the same effectiveness and workout for your core PC muscles. Apparently if you keep up with staying in shape down there, you can have better sex and better orgasms. These balls enhance your pleasure and also shape you up for intimate times. What's not to lvoe?

SinFive Sue – clitoral vibrator: Pictured as violet in the above picture. I love the shape of this clitoral vibrator. It looks like it's molded RIGHT for your body, for maximal clitoral stimulation. The clitoris is the best way for me, as well as most women, to achieve orgasm, so one of these babies are a must-have for the bedroom. This one is shaped to fit around your entire vulva, but still has that rounded tip for your clit, which is why the intense vibrations are guaranteed to have you squirming in no time. It comes in other fun colors too!

Lovebound corset: I am so IN LOVE with this corset! It looks innocent, like a frilly cute good-girl outfit, until you reach the hips, where it's automatically naught and screams "sex kitten". I love the Lolita thing going on there... great for spicing things up visually with your partner, and for roleplaying. Not a fan of the gray belt that wraps around it... but I suppose it does keep your waist trimmed. This comes in five different sizes so it can be worn and enjoyed by any woman of any size.

Zado leather collarIf you're into some light BDSM, this collar is perfect for you. even if you are just a beginner! The pretty studs top off any outfit and the material is easy to work with and maintain. There are rings available for hooks (for leashes) which I find sexy. This one is for you kinky folk, or those of you who want to explore!

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