Thursday, April 4, 2013

Newest April Additions to

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store Please note that following post contains material that is for adults only. If you are sensitive to adult material or underage, please do not continue reading. This post is also sponsored by Edenfantasys but in content, is 100% original and uncensored.

Edenfantasys has a constant stream of new products being added to the storefront on a regular basis, so I am going to share four of this week's newest additions, including products that I find interesting, that I have added to my wish lists, or that I am planning on buying RIGHT this instant!

Joystick midi Findus - G-spot vibrator
Joystick midi Findus: G-spot vibrator that I love the shape of.
Now, Ive had my share of amazingly and strangely shaped vibrators but this one is just so appealing. I just want to get my hands on it just by looking at it. The tapered end that will hit the G-spot perfectly, plus the high quality food-grade silicone material that you know will pleasure you. I love the rich pink color too! Pretty vibrators are so hard to find (most of the time they either look like unattractive dicks or LOOK like they're cheaply made) but for this price and this quality, I don't think you could find a better steal.

Please cream lubricant - Lubricant
Please cream lubricantThis was one of the first lubricants I have ever tried, believe it or not, and I'm so glad Edenfantasys is now carrying it. Most lubes are liquidy or gel-like, but this cream functions as both an erotic stimulant, and effective, non-messy lubrication. I hate when liquid lube drips everywhere, but the cream stays put, without sacrificing the slipperiness. I love the new design too! Please has definitely upgraded and I look forward to purchasing this from Edenfantasys very soon.

Raspberry Fields babydoll and g-string - Babydoll and panty set
Raspberry FieldsI am so happy with what Edenfantasys is doing with its lingerie outlet, because more and more pretty, actually wearable additions are coming in, which is great for everyone's love life :D This babydoll and g-string set caught my eye because I love the empire waist - the strap is really chic and looks comfortable too! - and the low neckline is perfect in letting your man peek at your sexy cleavage lol. I chose this one because I feel it's one of those outfits that don't just look good on the model, but will look good on any woman of any shape and size too.

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