Friday, September 23, 2011

Artificial love

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

One of the things I love about Edenfantasys is how the search engine has an auto-fill-in option, which I know isn't all THAT cool, but it's really helpful in discovering new things at the sex toy site everyday. Sometimes, I want to look for something and don't know exactly what it's called. Other times, I just type in "sex" and a couple things pop up that sound interesting, so I click them and discover some more.

well today, I typed in "love" and the first suggestion was love doll. Now, I've heard about those love dolls you see in like spoof movies, these little blow-up masterpieces:
However, I had never anticipated Edenfantasys to carry any. I discovered Edenfantasys actually carries a several, which is great! And thankfully, none of them are as atrocious as the one above (;

I found one called the Tera's ultra erotic love doll, which I believe is supposed to resemble a porn star. now obviously, I would never going on purchasing one of these. For two reasons. A. I am a girl. I can't really do anything with a love doll (unless it's a male love doll, whoopeee!!!!) unless I just want to...? I don't know what I'd do with one if I had one. anyhoo. and B. they're whopping expensive! The Tera is $259.99 which maybe is cheaper than a prostitute, but still very very expensive.
The Tera looks very realistic, even though it is a blow up. it's face is latex I believe, so it's actually like a mannequin. Huh! I wonder how good she is in bed!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

On the go

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Sometimes life is too demanding and busy for you to be able to just sit down and enjoy yourself. Others still don't even have a sex life (ahem...) but that does not mean we can't still be sexually satisfied through sex toys. I noticed there are lots of discreet masturbators at Edenfantasys - vibrators, bullets, and dildos that don't look like sex toys, but just common everyday items like tubes of lipstick and rubber duckys, as well as lots of masturbators that are meant for quick to-go use that come with travel bags so you can use them at a partner's house or a hotel without lugging your entire toybox over.

An excellent example is the We-Vibe Tango vibe from Edenfantasys, which doesn't look like a vibrator at first glance.
We-Vibe tango - Discreet massager
It's also an attractive design, so you won't be embarrassed even if you ARE caught with it! Just casually say "Oh, this is to roll out my knuckles" or something ahaha.

And here is the rubber ducky for "bath use" I mentioned. SOO cute. Functional and unsuspicious at the same time. Lovely, right!?
Holiday ball santa duckie - Discreet massager
Just make sure when your niece comes over and takes a bath in your bathtub......she doesn't grab it thinking it's a toy. Because. Well, it is a toy, but not a children's toy ;) Adults only!!!