Monday, July 21, 2014

Freedom Superfoods Cacao Powder Review

  • Great taste and blends well, just one tablespoon brings a delicious dark chocolate flavor. Customers have said "smells like chocolatey heaven!"
  • Perfect for raw treats! Or even baked treats. The secret to a really good homemade chocolate or mocha. Enjoy the smooth rich dark texture in all your recipes.
  • Being rich in nutrients, minerals & flavonoids our cacao powder is highly alkalizing. As a result many customers report excellent sleep and energy. Marvel as your chocolate cravings disappear. Some buyers have even noticed their appetite has decreased significantly as well.
  • You know this has been created with quality in mind because we only source from small sustainably run family owned farms in the most secluded, untouched, ancient rainforest in remote parts of the Dominican Republic. The result is the purest of raw organic cacao powder. Which is then processed in our FDA approved facility free of the 8 major allergens including GLUTEN.
  • Delivered in a heavy-duty, re-sealable stand-up pouch. This makes it easy to store and doesn't take up much space. Also helps your cacao stay fresh. When you order now, know that you're protected by a 60 day, no questions ask money back guarantee - even if you return the pouch completely empty. Your satisfaction is our goal.

My review: Raw cacao powder is great for milkshakes, baking, or anywhere else you just need a protein boost. Gluten and nut free, this comes straight from cacao beans and is RAW, which separates it from cocoa powder, which is roasted. Raw cacao powder maintains all its nutrients and antioxidants from the cacao bean, most of which are broken down when the beans are roasted. That means this raw powder is a much healthier cocoa powder alternative.

To me, it tastes the same and I don't think I'd be able to tell the difference between this and dark cocoa powder! You could use cacao and cocoa powders interchangeably, but using cacao would be the much healthier option.

The powder comes in a resealable plastic bag, and a little goes a long way; I made homemade brownies with this and the recipe was much darker and richer with this cacao powder, just the way I like it! I love this powder and will be using it regularly. Next time I will try mixing it with almond butter to make "homemade Nutella" and even with some peanut butter to make "homemade Reese's spread." So delicious! This would make wonderful hot chocolate as well. Can't wait to experiment with the different recipes I can use this in.

My only complaint is that it is pretty pricey. 14 oz. is a LOT of cacao powder, but $18 is also a lot of money. I wish they sold this in smaller sizes at cheaper prices to make it more affordable.

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Green Virgin Soap Nuts Liquid Review

What are Soap Nuts?
They are the fruit of the Chinese Soap Berry Tree. These amazing berries are harvested and then dried in the sun. No chemicals of any kind are added. We only sell Sapindus Mukorossi soap nutssoap-nuts-still-on-the-tree.jpg as this is the species that are the largest and have the highest saponin content of any other species.  Laundry detergent with toxic chemicals and carcinogens is replaced with something all natural and totally organic.
The shell contains a natural soap called saponin. It has cleaning abilities equal to toxic chemical detergents. Soap berries are extremely hypo-allergenic and can be used by people who are allergic to all other detergents. They are completely green and don't pollute our planet. 
high-tech-filters.jpgThe liquid is made with our USDA Certified Organic Sapindus Mukorossi Soap Nuts. We extract the saponin using only water. We then remove all the solids and tannins and deodorize it. This is all done using high tech filters using no chemicals only water. This is an important step and one that most of our competitors are not capable of.
Because this is the extract of a fruit, it has a short shelf life of about 2 weeks if no preservative is used. Therefore, a preservative is needed. Preseratives can be toxic. That is why we were hesitant to sell a soap nuts liquid because of our commitment to only selling totally non toxic products. Until now the least toxic preservative for soap nuts liquids has been rated a 3 on the Skin Deep Database. A rating of zero is totally non toxic, a 10 is very toxic. A rating of 3 is not too bad, but it is too high for us. We finally found a pair of non totally-non-toxic-eco-friendly.jpg toxic preservatives that working together make a non toxic and extremely effective preservative. The Preservatives we use are caprylyl glycol and phenethyl alcohol. These preservatives are rated a 0 and a 1 on the Skin Deep Data Base. That is about as non toxic as you can get. Our liquid has at least a 2 year shelf life.


The bottle includes a pump top. It dispenses an accurate measured amount each pump. So for an average load in an HE washer (front loader), use 2 pumps for the whole load. For an average load in a top loader, 3 pumps per load will do the job. If your washer has a detergent dispenser you can use that or just pump the liquid onto your clothes that are in the washer.
It has many advantages over the raw nuts. First of all, the liquid is much easier to use. No more wash bags to look for in your washer and you don't have to remember how manyi-really-love-saving-money.jpg loads you have done so far.
The second advantage is the effectiveness. In scientific tests done by an independent lab (Exova), this product out-cleaned raw nuts by a large margin. Plus it out-cleaned our competitors soap nuts liquid by over 300%. That is a noticeable difference. The liquid version is a little more expensive, but it is still a huge money saver and a lot less expensive than Tide and other toxic chemical detergents.
Dilute 50 parts water to 1 part soap nuts liquid to make the worlds best window cleaner. You won't believe how easy it is to clean glass with this dilution. It is also great for all kinds of light duty cleaning like counter tops. You wont believe how good it is for washing the car too.
Review: I'm really glad I got to try this product. It is an all-natural, eco-friendly, and chemically safe alternative to laundry detergent. The liquid is concentrated liquid from the actual soap nut plants themselves, so it is much more convenient to use (just use it like you would laundry detergent!).
One small bottle of Soap Nuts liquid (8 oz.) will last you 120 loads, but an average half-gallon tub of Tide would only last you about 30 laundry loads. You're saving money AND time because with soap nuts you don't need to use fabric softener. It's a detergent and fabric softener in one!
My experience with these were great. The liquid has as a slightly strong, medicinal plant scent to it, but it isn't intolerable and it doesn't add fragrance to your clothes. This would be great for people who are sensitive to the strong laundry detergent scent, because it cleans your clothes without making it smell like a perfume shop. I could tell it cleaned my clothes well, and they felt much softer without feeling stiff or "waxy" like some fabric softeners tend to do.
My only problem with it is that there are no instructions on the bottle! There is a description of soap nuts but no indication of how much or where you should add the soap nuts in your laundry. Thankfully, I found instructions on Green Virgin Products's website, but they really should include the info on the bottle itself so I don't have to look it up while doing my laundry. 2 pumps are recommended for a HE front-load washer, while 3 are recommended for traditional top-load washers. Then you dry as usual (no fabric softener sheets needed!). I didn't know the instructions prior, so I only used 1 pump for my entire load, but it was a pretty small load so things were okay. I will follow the regular instructions next time!

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Pure Luxe Vitamin C Serum Review

This is not an actual review as I have not received my vitamin C serum yet, despite my multiple messages to the company about the problem. I was told a product was sent to me, but it's supposed to be delivered this week, which is obviously issue as my review is "due" today. Tomoson has strict review deadlines otherwise bloggers are impacted negatively. I will update this link with a real review once I receive and try out the product.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Number One Nutrition Advanced Probiotic Dietary Supplement

  • NUMBER ONE PROBIOTICS WORKS! Dr. Oz says probiotics are "Essential" to the body. A guest doctor at the Dr. Oz show said "Taking the pill form probiotic assures you to consume the right probiotic strains and the right recommended dosage". Taking probiotic pills saves you from consuming excess dairy and sugar present in many probiotic foods.
  • MORE THAN JUST IMPROVING YOUR DIGESTION ! Did you know that the GI track is responsible for 90% of the immune system`s health? When we improve the digestive function we are also giving a great BOOST to the IMMUNE SYSTEM. Fighting off the bad bacteria present in the GI track will also help the body to fight off INFECTIONS. Bringing balance to the Intestinal flora will also aliviate digestive discomfort, inflammation and BLOATING.
  • DO YOU THINK YOU CAN improve your DIGESTION ? Do you suffer from Digestive Discomfort? Irritable bowel disease? Bloated belly? Acid Reflux? Crohn`s disease? Cronic Fatigue Syndrom? Stress causing gut illnesses? Inflamatory Conditions? Do you want to improve your immune system? Do you want to manage your weight? If you can say YES to any of these questions or if you just want to improve your intestinal flora and be HEALTHIER you must try Number One Probiotic. EASY to do it. Two capsules a day with a light meal and you are on your way to a healthier life! No side effects. Our product is made with TOP QUALITY ingredients. 10 Billion CFUs. 7 extremelly effective strains. Made in the USA at a FDA approved manufacturing facility. 100% SAFE. Years of research went into perfecting this product to achieve best performance.

Review: Taking a probiotic supplement never really occurred to me until a few days ago when my friend, who was instructed to take antibiotics, got really really sick off them. Probiotics can balance out antibiotics' negative digestive side effects, so I told her to eat yogurt because yogurt is known for having probiotics—healthy bacteria. However, she told me she NEVER eats yogurt, which is probably why she may have had a sensitivity to the antibiotics.

When she started taking probiotic supplements, I realized I probably should too, especially since I seldom eat yogurt, and since I've had digestive issues like heartburn in the past. Number One Nutrition Advanced Probiotic is a reasonable option. Each vegetarian capsule should be taken with a meal—up to two times a day—and the probiotics can help aid digestive and immune system functions.

So far, I have not had any adverse effects with these, and am happy to take them as a supplement to better my health.

I've only taken a few capsules so far, so the long-term effects are uncertain, but hopefully they will be positive.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adovia Exfoliating Facial Salts Review

Exfoliating Dead Sea Facial Salts - for Oily Skin - 2 Months Supply Natural facial salts improve your complexion, refresh and firm your skin while leaving it thoroughly cleansed. These salts will infuse your skin with Dead Sea minerals while removing dead skin cells, leaving your face radiant, smooth and refreshed. Eliminates Bacteria and excess oil Exfoliates dead skin cells and pore clogging particles Revitalizes and refreshes skin, revealing a new, healthy layer. Stimulates facial skin circulation and tightens pores Directions: Apply salt to a clean wet face and massage gently. Rinse off with warm water. Follow with Adovia Moisturizing Cream or Nourishing Night Cream. Tip for Normal to Dry and Dry skin types: Although this Facial Dead Sea mineral salt were designed for oily skin, a long-time client of ours who has a dry skin type gave us a great tip which she works great for her. She told us that she mixes the facial salts with some olive oil and exfoliates that way with the combination of olive oil and facial salts. She said that she gets the exfoliating effect and the benefit of the minerals going in her skin, and her skin stays moisturized and smooth.
My review: I love using Adovia's Facial Salts as a salt scrub. I definitely have oily skin, especially when I go to bed and wake up in the morning, so this is a nice nighttime treatment that exfoliates the all-natural way. It's just regular salt without any added chemicals or fragrances; however, it is special because it is a mineral salt from the dead sea. This is the finest quality of salt you can get for beauty!
Since I have sensitive skin, I didn't want to risk rubbing the salt too harshly on my face. I mixed about a teaspoon of it with a squirt of my regular face wash, then mixed the two together to create my own scrub. When I washed it off, my skin was smooth and did feel a little dried out from the salt, but that wasn't a problem after I applied toner and moisturizer. It did not cause any irritation, thank goodness, so this product gets my approval for sensitive skin! I will need to use it a few more times to see the long-term effects of it on my face, but I think if I use it a couple times a week, it would be a great natural exfoliant.
A warning would be that: since this is pure salt, it will obviously dissolve in water. Do not dispense the product with wet hands or try to mix it with water. You will just get salt water! I used a little plastic spoon, then stored the spoon in a ziploc bag with the jar of salt for future use. This is sanitary and ensures your salt will not get wet and dissolve.
This is obviously a better option for salt scrubs than table salts, but it is a tad pricey considering it's just salt. My only quibble with it is the packaging; it is filled to the brim (more product, yay!) so upon unscrewing the wide lid of the jar, much of it spills out. I scooped a third of it out and put it in a clean Mason jar so I wouldn't have this problem, but I was disappointed that this mess happened in the first place, and that there was no seal or anything to protect the salts from spilling.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Simply Vitamin C Serum Review

The Power To Looking Younger and Having Perfect Skin Is In This 2 OZ Vitamin C Bottle
Get compliments on your skin and look younger. Get rid of fine lines, wrinkles, and brighten your skin
Simply Vitamin C Serum is a very potent and high quality product that is proven to help you look and feel younger.
Don't waste your money on expensive products, facelifts, lasers, or chemical peels. Vitamin C is proven to stimulate collagen and reverses the effects of environmental damage.
What Will Simply Vitamin C Do For Me?
- Improves your skins texture to give you a glowing, smooth, and vibrant complexion.
- Increases the body's natural collagen production, making your skin look younger.
- High quality ingredients of Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin E diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.
- Reverses the damage caused by smoke, bad products, chemicals, pollution, and the sun.
- Brightens your skin.
- Hydrates and moisturizes.
Why Choose Simply Vitamin C Over Other Brands?
- Our Vitamin C comes in a 2 OZ bottle compared to others with 1 OZ.
- We guarantee high quality natural and organic ingredients.
- We guarantee your satisfaction or your money back.
- Proven and immediate results.
My review: Simply Vitamin C Serum's serum was a pleasant serum to try. It contains both hyaluronic acid and Vitamin E on top of Vitamin C, so it helped absorb my moisturizer better and made my skin soft. I love the huge 2 oz. bottle as well; it is bound to last me a several months!
My only warning against this product would be to those who have sensitive skin. This did not make me break out terribly (you may experience exacerbated acne at first, just because your skin is getting used to it) but it did feel slightly irritating at times and made my skin redder than normal. It is an acid after all. If this happens to you, discontinue use or use more sparingly! 

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blacklight Flashlight Review

This is a temporary review for linking purposes and will be updated with my real review once I get the chance to try the product.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.