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Kiss the Enemy by Dianna Love Book Blast Giveaway

Her only hope is in the hands of her enemy.

Slye Temp operative Margaux Duke is chasing an international terrorist who murdered the last of her family. But her plans go up in smoke when her agency is in the crosshairs of the dangerous killer, forcing her to turn rogue to protect the only family she has left - her team. This is no time to get involved, especially with an enemy who steps between her and the terrorist she has to stop.

Logan Baklanov has been known by many names in the underbelly of international terrorism and will do whatever it takes to shield those he loves from the treacherous world he lives in. When his brother’s life is in jeopardy, Logan takes on a role that places him at the top of the most-wanted lists of government security agencies in every country. He accepts the no-win situation, willing to make the ultimate sacrifice until a long legged beauty draws the attention of his deadly target and screws Logan’s carefully planned mission.

Margaux and Logan must join forces in a dangerous game to save a major city from a powerful psychopath, but their ruse escalates out of control when the heat smoldering between them threatens to explode.


Margaux’s fingers touched his battered face in the darkness. She might be just as hardheaded as he was, but her words were softer this time. “I’m not leaving alone no matter what you say. Whatever we have to face, we do it together.”

Where had she come from?

Women in the covert business were normally cutthroat and came with a natural survival defense mechanism. They weren’t selfless when it came to a choice of walking away alive or not. He gave in. “Okay, help me up.”

She moved her hand down his naked, beaten-half-to-death body and reached around him, lifting. The pain that shot through his chest, back and head almost sent him to the ground again. Bile rushed up his throat, but he’d be damned if he was going to hurl on her while she was trying to save his ass. She’d been beaten too, and had to be hurting.

She got busy putting a shirt on him, then she worked the pants on one leg at a time. He was doing nothing and panting hard from exertion. How she was managing was beyond him.

When she’d gone as far as she could with the pants, she straddled him, squatting over his thighs. He kept forcing his thoughts away from the pain. Like why couldn’t they be in a plush hotel room with her straddling him for round one hundred of amazing sex? And he bet it would be. A woman like this would be unforgettable.

Author Bio:

New York Times bestseller Dianna Love once dangled over a hundred feet in the air to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies. She now writes high-octane romantic suspense, thrillers and urban fantasy. Her new Slye Temp romantic suspense series launched its first four books in 2013 to rave reviews and more will follow in 2014. Her books are available in print and ebook. On the rare days she’s not in her writing cave, Dianna enjoys touring the country on her BMW motorcycle. She lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her motorcycle- instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater critters. Read excerpts of her books at or join her Dianna Love Street Team on Facebook and get in on the fun!

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For other buy links, to read an excerpt, or to purchase an autographed copy, visit the KISS THE ENEMY page on Dianna’s website: enemy---book-4


Dianna will be awarding EITHER the ebook box set of the first 3 Slye Temp OR a signed copy of ONE of the first 4 Slye Temp books. (Print Books are Continental US Only - Amazon/iTunes/Nook ebook equivalent for international) to one randomly drawn commenter at each stop during the tour.

To enter this giveaway, just comment on my stop with your email.

There's also a GRAND PRIZE of Signed copies of all 4 Slye Temp books – LAST CHANCE TO RUN, NOWHERE SAFE, HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR – plus a MONOGRAMMED SLING BACKPACK, and swag pack of surprise goodies. (Continental US only for print books - Amazon/iTunes/Nook 3 ebook box set for international) will be awarded to one randomly drawn commenter during the tour. To enter this giveaway, fill out the Rafflecopter form below:
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Super Book Blast and Giveaway: Sweet Callahan Homecoming by Tina Leonard

Will Ashlyn Callahan finally find her magic? The last Callahan rides in the exciting conclusion to the bestselling series, The Callahan Cowobys!

Four Babies—and Her Whole Family—to Protect

Ashlyn Callahan has always known that her fate can only bring danger to those she loves. That's why she flees Rancho Diablo—and the ornery cowboy she loves—to hide out in Texas Hill Country. But all hell breaks loose when Xavier Phillips finds her…and her four newborn babies.

Xav finally tracks down his warrior woman—only to discover she's the mother of two perfect little boys and two perfect little girls. And he's the father! Now Ash has to marry him. With the future of Ash's entire clan at stake, Xav is ready to lay his life on the line to safeguard the family legacy. Not to mention create a homecoming—and a wedding!—worthy of his Chacon Callahan bride!


“WHAT DO WE do with him?” Mallory McGrath asked, and Ash tried to force her flabbergasted mind to think rationally. It wasn’t easy, and not just because Mallory had set off the panic button on the security system, which was wailing like mad. She crossed to the system pad and shut the silly thing off before staring down at the lean cowboy sprawled on the floor. How many hours had she spent thinking about Xav Phillips over the past few months, especially during her pregnancy? How many times had she wanted to call him to come to her, yet knowing she couldn’t place him in that kind of danger? Anyone from Rancho Diablo who had any contact with her would be in jeopardy—the Callahans had learned that the hard way, time and again, over the many years they’d battled Uncle Wolf and the cartel. It was no game they were playing, but a full-fledged fight for survival.

Sometimes it felt as though they were losing. It almost always seemed as if they might not ever defeat an enemy that was determined to destroy the ranch and the Callahan legacy. Good didn’t always conquer evil.

Ash knelt down to move Xav’s long, ebony hair out of his face. “Poor Xav. I could have told you that you should stay away from me.” The tree twinkled, sending soft colorful light against his drawn skin. “What am I going to do with you now?” she asked him, though she knew she wouldn’t get an answer.

She was startled when he opened his eyes. “Marry me,” Xav said. “You can marry me, damn it, and tell the woman with the wrought-iron Santa Claus she whaled upside my noggin that I come in peace.”

“Xav!” She wanted to kiss him so badly, yet didn’t dare. Of course his marriage proposal wasn’t sincere; clearly a concussion rendered him temporarily senseless. “Can you sit up? Mallory, will you get him a glass of water?”

“Who is he?” Mallory asked, reluctantly setting down her festive weapon.

“Just a family friend,” Ash said, her gaze on Xav as his eyes locked on hers.

“Friend my ass,” Xav growled. “Do you have any idea how hard it was to find you? Do friends search every nook and cranny of Texas and parts in between to find each other?”

“Definitely a concussion,” Ash said, frowning at the big handsome man, all long body and sinewy muscles. “I’ve never heard him talk like that.”

Author Bio and Links:

USA Today bestselling and award-winning author Tina Leonard writes with humor, sexiness, and fun. With nearly three million books sold, she plans to keep writing the stories readers enjoy. Her schedule keeps her very busy creating independent heroines and the irresistible heroes who love them. Visit Tina at her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest



Tina will be awarding one $25 Amazon GC to TWO randomly drawn commenters during the tour. The more you comment, the more chances you have of winning so check out the other stops of this blast to increase your chances of winning one of the gift cards.

Thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions for organizing this tour!

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@OBBookTours - Book Feature - Mike Hartner - I, Walter

I Walter
Walter Crofter was born into Elizabethan England.
In a country and a time where favor and politics were both deadly, can an honest boy stay true to himself?
Especially given his family background?
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Genre - Historical Fiction/Romance
Rating – G
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@OBBookTours – Pavarti K Tyler - White Chalk

White Chalk
Chelle isn’t what most people consider a typical 13-year-old girl—she doesn’t laugh with friends, play sports, or hang out at the mall after school. Instead, she navigates a world well beyond her years.
Life in Dawson, ND spins on as she grasps at people, pleading for someone to save her—to return her to the simple childhood of unicorns on her bedroom wall and stories on her father’s knee.
When Troy Christiansen walks into her life, Chelle is desperate to believe his arrival will be her salvation. So much so, she forgets to save herself. After experiencing a tragedy at school, her world begins to crack, causing a deeper scar in her already fragile psyche.
Follow Chelle’s twisted tale of modern adolescence, as she travels down the rabbit hole into a reality none of us wants to admit actually exists.
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Genre - Literary Fiction/Coming of Age
Rating – R (15+)
More details about the author
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@OBBookTours – Excerpt - Greg Sandora - Jack Canon's American Destiny

“That would be funny, the Wicked Witch of the West. You can print that she definitely doesn’t have a crush. But anything else, you wait until you get the okay from me.”
“Jack, why would you make me wait, you could capitalize on a story like this while you’re in Maine.”
“Lexi, Maine is like my backyard. We have a home up there. I want to win the state so big. When you do report what I’ll give you, this race will be all over.”
“You know I want it, Jack, just let me know the minute I can use it.”
“I’ll tell you now; it will be the day after we win Maine. Our buses are on their way right now, and will be joined by a third when they get there.”
“Why are you adding another bus?”
“One will be for staffers and the most favorable press, and the rear bus will be for other press. Bud and the gang will be up front with me.”
“Speaking of buses Jack I got quite the ribbing from the press core about the two hours I spent interviewing with you up front.”
“Why it was all innocent enough?”
“Jack it was because of that Daphne chick you have working with the press. She stood right at the door to your bus after I went in and told everyone, ‘The senator is not to be disturbed.’”
I belly laughed and Lexi joined in, “You’ll have to get used to that, Miss Exclusive. I’ve heard the rumors. They’re just pissed at you because Daphne’s job is to keep the interviews to fifteen minutes.”
In fact, Daphne and I had a code worked out. She comes back and says the next appointment is ready. If I object, she insists we keep
things moving so we can get to everyone, she knows to get rid of whomever I’m with.
Honestly, we could give a crap about getting to anyone; we only feed the good press. If I say nothing then she waits another five minutes and it goes like that until I object.
“Lexi her standing orders are – when you’re on the bus – no other press – everyone clears out.”
“That’s why everyone’s pissed off at me. Who is Daphne anyway? She is sooo intimidating. All the women hate her and the guys are going gaga and can’t stop talking about her. It’s like we’re all in Junior High again. She has a knack for making people feel like crap just walking up to her.”
“Not you Lexi.”
“Really Jack? Do you want to know what it feels like for me approaching her?”
“I can’t believe you would even care Lexi.”
“Jack it freaking feels like everyone has a copy of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition and is comparing me to it. Seeing her gets everyone off their game. The men—even some of the big time guys are tongue-tied talking to her—it’s sort of funny. On the bus, behind her back it’s like a locker room, the testosterone and male bravado, but when they get face to face with her, they melt.”
“How would you know what it’s like in a locker room?” I teased.
“You never told me who she is, and I didn’t really want to bring her up when I was with you in Florida. Is she a model, an
I wouldn’t have gotten away with it face to face, but over the phone, she…
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Genre – Political Thriller
Rating – PG
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@OBBookTours - Tips For Writing Ye Olde Historical Fiction by Nancy Wikarski

Tips For Writing Ye Olde Historical Fiction
by Nancy Wikarski
“My God, they can’t expect to put ‘Ye Olde’ in front of anything they want and get away with it.”
If, like me, you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you’ll immediately recognize Sheldon Cooper’s complaint about the historical inaccuracies of a Renaissance Faire, California-style.
As much as I’d like to distance myself from most of Sheldon’s opinions, I’m forced to agree with him on this point. As a writer, I’ve penned five books that are either historical (Gilded Age Chicago Mysteries) or have a strong historical element (Arkana Archaeology Thrillers). As a critic for Deadly Pleasures, I’ve reviewed my share of historical fiction (some good, some not) so believe me when I say that you can’t just put “Ye Olde” in front of anything and expect to get away with it. Authors of contemporary fiction have to juggle plot, pacing, and character development. Historical fiction writers wish it was that easy.
Timing Isn’t Everything
The first thing to consider as a historical fiction writer isn’t simply when something happened but what the world surrounding that event was like. We all know that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 but it’s a good bet that when he first landed in the Bahamas, he didn’t head for the closest Tiki bar to order a boat drink. Objects and places we take for granted in the 21st century may or may not have existed in the corner of the past an author is exploring. To make that fictional world believable, the times as well as the timing need to be understood.
Clothes Make The Man (Or Woman)
Period costume is something that most historical authors (good and bad) get right. The only difference is that bad writers fail to think about the impact costume can have on conduct. For example, everybody knows Victorian women wore corsets. What most people don’t realize is that a woman who is laced tightly enough to give her an eighteen inch waist can’t bend, stretch, or engage in anything more strenuous than lifting a tea cup. Most of her conscious attention is focused on the struggle to breathe. She’s probably a very uptight, cranky creature for no better reason than that her underwear feels terrible. People who wear whalebone corsets or chain mail armor are going to think and feel very differently from people who wear sweat pants all day long.
The Past Is Another Country
It’s often been said that human nature doesn’t change over time. Perhaps not, but cultural values can shift radically in a heartbeat. The contemporary fiction writer has the luxury of writing about people who are immersed in the same cultural soup as she /he is. Not so a historical fiction author. Cultural values are absorbed much like the air we all breathe–invisibly and with very little conscious effort (unless, of course, you’re wearing a corset). The greatest mistake a historical fiction author can make is to believe that people in ancient times thought and felt exactly as we do today.
To write effective historical fiction you have to immerse yourself without condescension in the values of the past no matter how odd they might seem to a modern sensibility. So if you’re planning to write a historical novel any time soon, be prepared to walk around in your character’s high-button shoes. And if the shoe pinches, write it.
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Genre – Archaeology / Thriller
Rating – PG
More details about the author & the book
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13th January – (*)Book Review at Shelf Stacker

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@OBBookTours - Book Feature - Brian Francis Heffron - Colorado Mandala

With refreshing depth, distinct literary merit, and highly original poetic phrasings that spill from the pages like paint, Colorado Mandala is poet Brian Heffron’s debut work of literary fiction. It mines the complex landscape of post-Vietnam America to unearth the deep connections that bind individuals together, and also ferociously rip them asunder. Illustrative, luscious, seductive, and engaging, this rare piece of craftsmanship will stir the senses of any one who thirsts for artistic expression, or who longs for an era in our country now utterly, irretrievably gone.
In the heady, hippie backdrop of Pike’s Peak, Colorado, in the tumultuous 1970s, three souls swirl together in an explosive supernova. Michael is the flinty-eyed, volatile former Green Beret, whose tour in Vietnam has left unbridgeable chasms in his psyche and secrets that can never find light. Sarah is his fair-haired paramour, the ethereal Earth Mother widow of a fallen soldier and single mother to a ten-year-old son Stuart. Paul is a young wanderer, who is drawn in by Michael and soon bears the mantle of both minister and scourge. As they are drawn together, and torn apart, each is changed forever. And our hearts race along with them, through the rocky, raw Colorado terrain amidst the blood sport of man and beast.
Laying bare the loss and acceptance of a pioneering age, Colorado Mandala shines revelatory light on the crazy, glorious, and romantic notion that each generation conceives anew: that love can be a spiritual gift shared openly rather than coveted, or hidden, or hoarded. If you wish to go barefoot again and climb an unspoiled Colorado trail, look no further. If you long for something to wake you up in simple, clean language, a shimmering story awaits. Awaken to what you have always known: simple truths show you the way home. With his gripping and unforgettable Colorado Mandala, it is clear that Brian Heffron knows the way.
Buy Now @ Amazon
Genre – Literary Fiction
Rating – PG
More details about the author
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18th December – Excerpt at bit’s ‘n Bobs