Thursday, October 11, 2012

INTANGIBLE campaign!

Hi everyone!
Yesterday evening I received an email from J. Meyers.
A few months ago I reviewed her book Intangible here at Doodle's Book Blog. I loved it! Now, she has a title for the next book in the series!! Imaginable. However, she needs some help! Because the cover for Intangible is a stock photo that was used for the cover of another YA Paranormal, she wants her next book to be completely unique. To do this she will need to hire a cover model, pay for a photo shoot, and pay for an editor and copy editor. If you would like to help her out you can donate to her Kickstarter project. Keep in mind that if you donate, you will receive pre-order of ImaginableThe more you donate, the greater your reward. She is also hoping to expand the distribution of bothIntangible and Imaginable to make them more widely available internationally as well as in bookstores and libraries. 
So, help her spread the word. Tweet, Facebook, blog and get the word out. 
Comment below with a link to how you spread the word and your email address or twitter handle. You can do this once daily on Twitter and Facebook and once on a blog post. Then on October 18 I will randomly select one comment to win a $10 YA Paranormal book of choice from The Book DepositoryFishpond or Books-A-Million. If you've read Intangible let me know what you thought and I'll give you an extra entry. 
Enter HERE!

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