Thursday, January 17, 2013

Newest additions at Edenfantasys

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store Please note that following post contains material that is for adults only. If you are sensitive to adult material or underage, please do not continue reading. This post is also sponsored by Edenfantasys but in content, is 100% original and uncensored.

Edenfantasys has a constant stream of new products being added to the storefront on a regular basis, so I am going to share this week's newest additions, including products that I find interesting, that I have added to my wish lists, or that I am planning on buying RIGHT this instant!

Bcute Pearl: This looks and sounds like the PERFECT vibrator for me. This is a top-of-the-line company that is of great quality. and it looks beautiful too. I have used b-swish in the past and loved it and therefore am looking forward to trying this product new to Edenfantasys. The ripple edge is what convinces me the most to try this vibrator. The multiple edges feel AMAZING, and vibrations are controlled with a dial, meaning you can go from low, to orgasm, by controlling the strength yourself! The colors are so pretty too!! (pictured above as Rose)

Fetish Fantasy ben wa balls:
These vaginal balls are perfect for both stimulation and exercise. I love the metallic texture to them, but as a matter of fact, they’re made of of glass! I just like the vibe they carry (they do NOT vibrate, lol!), they seem so luxurious and really effective for doing Kegels and for stimulation during masturbation.

The Modernista dress: Fashionable and sexy, wow! Be the star of the party or club with this pretty little thing on, and make sure to wear sexy panties too. I love how the cut and peekaboo cuts are risky but still very classy. A must-have for your closet.

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