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@OBBookTours - Why Selling You as an Author Sells Books by Deborah Plummer Bussey

Why Selling You as an Author Sells Books 
by Deborah Plummer Bussey, Author of They Still Call Me Sisterand The Family That Stays Together
I remember when I began the process of getting my PhD people told me that taking the GREs, the entrance exam for graduate studies, was the worst part.  Once you completed the GREs, then getting a PhD was smooth sailing. I heard the same when I was taking coursework, and then again when I had to take comprehensive exams, and then when I had to write my dissertation. Each milestone was “the worst part that if I just mastered that aspect, the rest would be smooth sailing.” I believe it is the same with writing a book — all of the stages seem to be the hardest part. However, with four books now under my belt (two traditionally published and two self-published), I know that marketing is the hardest part. There are so many good authors our there; so many good stories out there; so many self published books out there. Since 2006 Bowker reports that self-published books grew by 287% with over 140,000 titles published in 2011. Most self-published authors do not have the budget that traditional publishing companies have to promote a title. And unless you are a previously published best-selling author, even traditional publishing companies depend on the author to promote the book.  The author is the critical component of any book marketing plan.
That is where Authors in the House comes in…a small but big opportunity to promote authors who might have gotten buried in the 140,000 self-published titles. It’s like American Idol in that the audience pushes you forward. It’s like The Moth Story Slam in that you (or your surrogate) have to be a good storyteller or at get the audience interested enough in hearing more about your book.
Authors in the House™ is a two-hour interactive event held four times a year in the Greater Boston area. We will also plan to host events in Chicago, Cleveland, Atlanta, and San Francisco. Three authors are chosen to present a live synopsis of their book in fifteen minutes or less. Authors are encouraged to make their story come alive for the audience so that they will want to hear more about the story and ultimately buy their book. At the end of each author’s presentation, using social media, the audience scores each author.
In the second hour, the author with the highest score for the evening is interviewed about the work and him/herself as a writer. The audience participates in the interview through in-person questions, tweets and text messages. Hard copies and e-copies of the authors’ books are available for purchase at the event. Three winners compete for the annual Authors in the House™ Award with a grand prize of a marketing contract.
Please visit the Authors in the House website to learn more. www.authorsinthehouse.com If you are a self-published or indie author or have been traditionally published and need more support, please apply. Encourage others to apply as well. You could be the next Author in the House!
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Genre – Cozy Mystery
Rating – PG13
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