Monday, July 11, 2011

It's "Me" Time

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
Sex toys serve as great "Me" time because it is as if having sex with yourself. It's like practicing by yourself, when your partner or significant other is not around.

At Edenfantasys, there are plenty of great toys I can rely on for quality "Me" time at the adult store. Whether it be me wanting to treat myself, or me wanting to have mock sex (with as realistic as a dildo as possible), the options are endless.

TitanMen Tony Buff realistic cock - Realistic dildo
The TitanMen Tony Buff dildo is realistic because of its size, shape, and texture. Though you can't exactly replicate flesh 'n' bone, I think this dildo comes pretty close. Well, it LOOKS real.

Roulette All on red - Traditional vibrator
The Roulette All on Red is not as realistic of a dildo, but it's a vibrator, and it's gorgeous. The vibrations are very powerful, guaranteeing an orgasm.

Yooo - Discreet massager
I love the shape of the Yooo! It has dual motors so you get all-around pleasure.

Dream massager G - G-spot vibrator
This is one of my favorite massagers because it is powerful and hits the G-spot too. It's small and a bit weighty, but still all-around convenient to carry around and use.

Gigi - G-spot vibrator
The Lelo Gigi is a luxury vibe that feels as great as it looks.The curved end hits the G-spot perfectly, while smooth and varied vibrations thrill to orgasm. I find it an ideal vibe, but also don't think it is very modest. At least not on the wallet! Appearance-wise, it is very modest, simply elegant! Lelo is a great luxury line I think everyone will enjoy.

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