Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Orgasm

I know lots of women have trouble orgasming by masturbation, so I'll tell you my tips and tricks.

1. Set the mood. Lights off, candles on, water running - whatever gets you aroused. The last place an orgasm will happen is somewhere totally unsexy, such as just sitting on a chair. Make sure you are comfortable, and make sure you are suiting yourself
2. Prepare yourself. If you are using sex toys -- dildos especially -- it make take time to "warm" yourself up. I suggest try something fun and casual, such as the Better than Chocolate from Edenfantasys. Just the look of it makes me feel looser and sexier and like I want to orgasm!
3. Slowly stimulate your clitoris and vulva - these are erogenous zones (clitoris especially, as it is a bundle of thousands of nerves) that make for easy orgasms. You can use the Better than Chocolate since it is a vibrator. Place it on your clitoris and see where it takes you. If the vibrations are too strong for you to the point of pain, try placing a wet washcloth between you and the vibrator the dull the sensation. Run it under hot or ice cold water to play around with sensory.
4. If you feel up do it, insert a dildo or bullet/vibe into your vagina. Mimick a real penis, or use a pretty phallic dildo. Try to make it feel as close to real sex as possible - this will further elevate your mood, making you orgasm better.

Hope these tips help. Of course everyone's body is different so it's understandable if my tips don't work specifically for you. Don't ever feel like you're doing anything wrong because only you can really locate what you like best!
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I was compensated with a Edenfantasys gift card for writing this post. I am an Eden Ambassador, not a reviewer. All thoughts are my honest opinions.

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  1. I wouldn't necessarily say "make it feel as close to real sex as possible" make it feel how you like it. Many women that have sex with a man, don't get the proper stimulation / or get the stimulation they want or need. I'd also suggest some hot videos with a TV or monitor close to the place you enjoy special time so that you can further your experience or pretend you are there.