Friday, November 11, 2011

Lube promotions from ID JUICY

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store
ID Juicy lube is probably one of my favorite brands both because of quality and fun-factor. in terms of quality, ID is always slippery, long-lasting, and comfortable. whether I am with my SO or am having some fun time on my own with my sex toys, I need that kind of durability for maximum comfort. The fun part of ID Juicy is that it is deliciously scented and flavored! there are 12 (YES, 12) different flavors that are all fun and tasty in their same way. this is great for those who like to top off sex with a little dessert like a blowjob. Plus if you do not like the taste of a man (or woman's) junk in your mouth, this stuff won't totally impede your senses while you go down on your SO, but they will indeed take the unpleasantness away.

My favorite flavors include Fresh Peach because it is flavored very yummily (?) like Peach flavored candy. I'm also a fan of Cool Mint because it has a refreshing feel.

ID juicy lube - LubricantID juicy lube - Lubricant

Currently Edenfantasys is holding an awesome promotion where you can buy 2 ID Juicy lubes and get another one for FREE. This is awesome because you get to try different flavors, and this opportunity lets you try THREE... at the price of two. so definitely go check it out and have fun mix and matching your flavors.

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