Saturday, December 31, 2011

Some cool things from EdenFantasys

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

While EdenFantasys is a an online store for sex toys (couple toys, toys for ladies, toys for gents they have it all!) it also carries a variety of fun non-sex toy items. Some of them are naughty such as gag gifts and bachelorette party goodies, and some are completely absolutely innocent like candles and lotions and even just clothes!

For example, just yesterday I found a really cute product that I am eager to buy.....X-Rated Fortune Cookies! These babies are real fortune cookies (yes, you can eat them!) but they have naughty messages inside. Perfect for bachelorette parties and to give to THAT friend!
Fortune cookies - Gags

Another favorite of mine is Just Glow dry oil perfume -- the scent is Island Hopping and it smells like the beach! Coconut & Verbena, sort of citrusy also. Delicious and it's oil based rather than alcohol based so it actually stays awhile and doesn't wash, sweat or rub off immediately. A great addition to your perfumes and body splashes.
Just glow dry oil perfume - Perfume oil

What are some of your favorite items from EdenFantasys? There are definitely a lot of other categories to choose from so go check them out!

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