Wednesday, July 3, 2013

@OBBookTours - Why Mentors are Important by Amber Kallyn

Why Mentors are Important
by Amber Kallyn
Think back to a long (long, long, long for some of us) time ago. Learning to ride a bike. Learning to swim. Learning anything.
It’s always easier to learn something when you have another person guiding you, teaching you. Someone who was once where you are now.
Writing is the same.
You have to do the work yourself, but by having a mentor, someone to point out your weaknesses and your strengths, you can learn from yourself, from them, and from their mistakes.
Writing is such a solitary process. Other’s can’t write our story for us. But, in my opinion, having someone to guide us and show us the way, can make the path a little easier, and a lot less lonely.
Mentors point out where we’re going wrong–which a lot of the time, we’re blind to.
They also show us where we’re going right. Same self-blindness issue.
Sure we could go it alone. But walking in another’s footsteps can make the journey a whole lot easier.
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