Thursday, December 27, 2012

4 stars: Daddy's Favorites: Tina

Daddy's Favorites: Tina

Selena Kitt does it again! The taboo of erotic encounters between father and daughter curl the pages of TINA, which is part of the Daddy's Favorites shorts series. Don't be too grossed out. Nothing is illegal because all interaction is between stepfather and consensual daughter of legal age... it's just very very naughty, that's all.

The sex and masturbation featured in this short story are very hot. Be warned! Kitt weaves an excellent backstory into the erotic scenes, making it more than just a story of sex. The plot was a little contrived, I'll admit, like a porn premise, but that's what makes it enjoyable.

It's very short. I wouldn't buy it for $2.99, but I would recommend it if it was only $0.99. There is nothing better than a cheap thrill.

I received a free electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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