Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Why Edenfantasys is my store of choice

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

There are lots of different sex toy shops on the web but Edenfantasys is probably my all time favorite because there's a huge selection of literally thousands of toys, as well as other non-toy products (for you milder folk) such as beauty products, educational media, and clothes.

There are so many different items for different lifestyles, including gay, lesbian, bondage and submission, and masturbation lifestyles. It's not JUST about sex. Although there's a wide variety of sex products such as lube and condoms as well. That's always appreciated!

Of the beauty products, the Flirty Little Secret line is one of my all-time favorites—I actually prefer it to most other scented lotions and body oils that I get anywhere else. It is sort of pricey but there are plenty of designer and "brand" name products that are WAY more expensive, so considering the quality and how much I love it, it's a pretty good bargain! Plus, with orders of $59 or more, you get FREE shipping. Even more savings and another reason to love Edenfantasys.

I also love the community in general (my last Edenfantasys post was about the community actually!). Everyone is so warm, welcoming, and fun! There are lots of forums that you can get involved in and talk about anything to everything. I've posted some questions which were promptly answered by expert staff (as well as more personal responses from regular people like me!). Its great!

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