Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Badass Bookie's Debutant Event!

Badass Bookie Presents... 

The 3rd Annual Debutante Event...

The 2013 Debutante Event

What? - 2013 Debutante Event 

When? - 1st - 25th of December

Who? - Erin Bowman ( Taken)
              Jessica Verdi ( My Life After Now)
              Lenore Appelhans ( Level Two)
              Elsie Chapman ( Dualed) 
              Megan Shepherd ( The Madman's Daughter)
              Ellen Oh (Prophecy) 
              Erica Lorraine Scheidt ( Uses for Boys) 
              Kasie West ( Pivot Point) 
              Mindee Arnett ( The Nightmare Affair) 
              Miriam Forster ( City of A Thousand Dolls) 
              Kristin Halbrook ( Nobody But Us)
              Debra Driza ( Mila 2.0)

Look at what's being given away!

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